The Tree

Look, me and baboons simply don’t need to be occupying the same space. Figuratively or literally. If you know me well enough you may have heard me tell real-life stories of my own encounters with them in Cape Town and outside of Johannesburg. I sure as hell don’t want them in my head wreaking havoc. If I search these memories deeply enough I can still hear my NYC burrough, O.G. Jewish Grandma yelling at my sister and I to quit screaming about baboons on the roof from the backseat of the 1972 era Ford. Ah yes. Good times.

Where did I get lost?

“Where did I get lost? How did I become so very invisible?” Maybe there were moments in your life when you noticed layers of “other people’s stuff” being wrapped around you. Maybe right now, you are “being” what or who you were told to be. What happened to what you value and where did YOU go?

You’ve Stepped in to Your New Business, Are You Stuck?

So here you are. What choices become available to you and how does the world open up when you understand that you have conscious choice accessible to you?

Your website, social media, and online marketing meet the digital pavement in brand coaching

Begin with a strong footing and then look at how you are using all of your marketing tools — evaluate if they represent you.

Go Ahead, Push It..

Maybe it’s boldly labeled, bright, shiny, and red. It could be raised and on a spring. Or rather, maybe black and stealthy with a simple icon lit from behind. Maybe it’s high-tech and biometric needing your fingerprint.

Law Enforcement Officers in Leadership

We see stories about cops from one extreme to another. Exceptional moments are hyped and what happens in the grind of the every day seldom makes it outside of the reports and logs of a shift.