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Never Forget, Always Say What’s Going On

One of the strongest lessons I learned from those days was how each of us could build; how we could lift-up the community, through selfless acts of service to others whoever they are. We learned to do a “Mitzvah.” We learned we had a powerful place where we could be “good citizens.”

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Transitions, challenges, relationship, growing team dynamics… where do you want to begin? In your Executive and Leadership role what’s showing up? Where could you benefit from having a someone standing in curiosity with you? Contact Dan.

A different dynamic and approach to coaching where members connect strongly, offer support, creative brainstorming, accountability and more. Join or bring your curated group —  for you or for your teams. Be safe, be creative, be heard. Contact Dan.

Our lives are filled with moments of beginnings. What new beginning is emerging for you now? I am offering 30-minute complimentary coaching sessions focused on your questions. Step forward and schedule your confidential session.

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Flying Lead Change

Flying Lead Change:

56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living

Kelly Wendorf is an Executive and Personal Coach, published author, spiritual mentor, and socially responsible entrepreneur.

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What makes Dan stand out  as a coach is his sensitivity. He has an amazing ability to connect to your thoughts and feelings, down to the smallest nuance. He is great at gently bringing out deeper and deeper self-awareness in me.

Darcy ShenfieldFounder and Lead Coach
BWYA Coaching

I have been seeing Dan as a coach for over a month. I can say that I have come miles forward from where I was in my head about my career direction when we started. Being able to pull out the things that were hindering me and see them, use them or throw them was amazing. Without Dan’s expertise as a coach, I’d still be stewing over my fears. Today I am working on two public murals and have been aggressively pursuing various projects I previously thought out of my league. Thank you, Dan!

Lori AntoinetteArtist

I had the pleasure of working with Dan earlier this year and found him to be an amazing Coach with an uncanny ability to almost immediately get to the heart of the matter!

Bob BaconOwner
Results Consultancy
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