Access to Your Coach

Your Button, Your Choice.

Maybe it’s boldly labeled, bright, shiny, and red. It could be raised and on a spring. Or rather, maybe black and stealthy with a simple icon lit from behind. Maybe it’s high-tech and biometric needing your fingerprint.

Whatever it looks and feels like, it’s right there. It is yours and waiting for you. In fact you are what instigates the potential that it was designed for. Everything that this button was made for from the initial design sketches of shape, choices about how this button is labeled, choices about the tactile materials, and even the choice about where this button is placed — is for you. It was made to respond to you. In fact, everyone is excited about this button because you’ve found it.

Whatever the button’s potential is, it is your design. You’ve made this button possible. However it affects you and impacts the world around you — it is not limited by anything. Everything is possible.

I was thinking about the power of buttons today. The buttons that might be “easy,” that activate alarms, that power an electronic device on, that light holiday decorations, landscape lighting, start engines, and those that unleash destruction.

So, who are you? Why should we be excited that you found your button? How itchy are you to push it and experience the full force of its design? What fear is keeping you from pushing the button that is yours?

What do you imagine you will be like — what do you imagine the world around you will be like — when you push that button? What does it feel like and sound like? Does it click or compress?

Approach your button. Poise your finger over it and get ready. Aren’t you amazed that you find yourself in this place, where you have the power to push your button?

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