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Your Co-Active™ Experiential Development

Private & Executive Leadership

Co-Active Coaching servicing private, high-performing individuals through a custom-curated program.

Minimum 6 months. ZOOM, phone, and in-person.

A Year of You

A comprehensive coaching program with courageous, deep focus on you. It begins with intensive private coaching sessions and culminates in our unique weekend’s retreat.

12 months. ZOOM, phone, and in-person.


New or Refreshing Brands

“Get” Branding

This introductory program, is designed for new business owners, a small business owner, or your the team leader for a new product or service. Begin by finding out where you are. Take the no obligation “Fast Branding Quiz.Self-Guided online program to be available very soon. Personalized in-person program available now — contact me for details.


8 Week Mental Fitness Program

(Positive Intelligence)

Founded in the ground-breaking approach created by Shirzad Chamine, this program begins with the app-supported 6-week program. It includes six individual coaching sessions to deepen and extend the client’s experiential learning. Further options are available for clients who wish to grow and share their own positive mental fitness experience.

8 weeks. ZOOM.

Virtual, Move Forward Groups

This structured group is designed and focused on a clear agenda of each member’s goal achievement. Members are high achievers looking for sounding boards and accountability. Limited time-frames from three to six months.



Custom powerful retreats that expedite life-affirming connection and inspiring change utilizing powerful, experiential nature-based wisdom.

In-person. 2 to 3 days available.

Engage Your Team

Move from discord and dysfunction to fulfillment, creativity and efficiency. Lift your team and develop efficiencies that spread throughout your entire organization.

Strengthen Leadership Skills

Sharpen your self-awareness. Be present. Listen, identify, encourage the players on your team and gain team-driven, positive results.

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