Working With Dan

I work with clients where they need to be met — in the most direct, effective way for their goals and growth.

I facilitate conditions, in collaboration clients, where profound, genuine transformational discovery is born. “Soft skills” are hard, leadership, success skills.

Utilizing the Co-Active Model as a foundation, I integrate the neuroscience of Positive Intelligence, and the people data of Predictive Index.

Build your positive mental muscles that shift you out from the judgmental, survival and fight brain toward the creative, positive, and collaborative brain. Imagine the power you truly possess within you, coming forth with clarity and vision toward changing your world.

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Dan Weil, CPCC


I’ve spent the last several years coaching high-achieving clients as they actively change their worlds; disrupt their barriers, innovate, and create joy and success in their lives.

Dan incorporates a lifetime of professional experience, perspectives, curiosity, wisdom, and expansive listening ability. He works collaboratively in his program offerings customized for private individuals, leaders, executives, or groups. Specialties include coaching high-achieving professionals individually and within organizations, Brand development coaching, fathers and sons looking to discover their values and purpose, and gay men looking to re-connect to their most authentic selves.

Dan curates and facilitates workshops and retreats designed to build connection and to inspire attendees looking to grow themselves and shape the cultures in which they live.

From 1991 onward, Dan worked in different roles as an employee and as an outside vendor working alongside decision-makers and c-suite executives across the board. Dan’s experience includes a list of individuals, direct mail design companies, ad agencies, boutique design and web development companies, and start-up tech companies.

This is part of the story of how I got here, and I’m very curious about you and the story you are writing.

What do you want to do? Or Are you where you want to be?