Dan Weil, CPCC

Dan Weil, CPCC

I am doing this work now because there is nothing that resonates with me more than witnessing the impact clients create in their lives — as they disrupt their barriers, innovate past their “pain points” and create joy and success in their lives.


Ron Garfield, CPCC, ACC
“…This work speaks to me in ways that 30 years of senior executive experience never did. This work comes from my heart and a connection to myself and others that pulls at me every day. I am fueled by the energy that comes from coaching and the inspiration I get from my clients and being of service to them.”
Robin Mills, MSc, CPPC
Systems thinking enables unconventional processes that lead to capacity and culture building, engaged employees, relationship and partnership building.
Sherwood Weil, MAHL
“…I recognized that there is true and profound meaning to Life, Existence, Being… I reconnected with the thread of inspiration we humans are privileged to have discovered and preserved through many thousands of years.”