Cycles That Have You Stuck, or Move You Forward?

Your great idea for a business that excites you is on the boards, you’ve got your seat at your desk, there’s work to do now. You are now an entrepreneur. There’s creative juices that need to flow. Systems to discover. Inventions to iterate from design, through to prototypes for testing and financing. Have you found yourself stuck in the same cycle with no real forward movement?

Along the way you hear opinions, you hear advice. You try, you fail, you cycle onward. What happens when you are stuck in the same cycle? What happens when success is right there — just beyond your reach. How do you expand your vision to more possibilities? What stops you. What moves distraction aside, creates focus and what resonates success?

What’s possible for you comes when you learn to tap into and exercise a special muscle we sometimes forget each of us has — it’s under all of what’s wrapped around us.

Those who succeed, build and create impact when they develop something strong within.

It’s part of our human nature to want to identify and package this secret into some special magical elixir, or pill or shot in the arm. We want to jump forward and identify the magic, label it, or name it. Then we want to exploit the heck out of that magic. What happens when the magic needs recharging?

What we eventually discover is that what holds us back or what moves us forward, is simply…. us. Our selves.

Maybe, we are stuck in a perspective or view of something — a definition or box we created or one that we were told we needed to create. Maybe this view keeps our world small. Enclosed.

We all want to “discover” what this special something is. It has been called many things. It takes practice to identify this magic. At the heart of all of it is something we are now learning is “conscious choice.” The ability to consciously choose between a path that resonates most strongly for us (the dream of what could be) and one that just might be safe (the path of stability).

The scary choice may be hard to make. Scary choices mean our fears get triggered. Fear, taps directly into our ancient physical systems that are designed to keep us safe and secure. We can leverage this fear to keep ourselves safe or we can choose.

Consider the amazing conscious choice trapped hiker Aron Ralston was faced with. The choice between death and the possibility — the hope of survival. Aron was trapped for five days with his arm caught under a boulder in a remote Utah canyon. The choices he made next literally brought his hope into reality.

If you haven’t read or are unfamiliar Aron’s story — it is worth reading to understand how deep we are capable of going into choice.

Each of us has choice. First, we must recognize that “choice” is present and then we must choose — we can decide to move forward.

So here you are. What choices become available to you and how does the world open up when you understand that you have conscious choice accessible to you?

In partnership with Co-Active coaching, much more becomes available to you as you learn to deepen your connection and quicken your response time in making value and purpose-driven, conscious choice and of course – get unstuck.