Coach Dan Weil, CPCC
Dan Weil, CPCC

“Where did I get lost? How did I become so very invisible?”

Maybe it snuck up on you. Maybe you are just now noticing it. Maybe it was something specific that had the voice in your head saying, “Wait a minute. They are not listening or hearing or even noticing me,” or “Is THAT what I really wanted to say or do? That is not me.”

Maybe there were moments in your life when you noticed layers of “other people’s stuff” being wrapped around you. Maybe right now, you are “being” what or who you were told to be. What happened to what you value and where did YOU go?

Now, take a nice full breath. Slow down a moment and recall a moment when you felt like you were not noticed. Slow down more. Breathe. You were physically there, certainly. In the moment where you felt like you had suddenly become invisible… what was that like? Were you fighting with your physical being and feeling like you were having an out-of-body experience and floating above the moment? Were you acutely aware of what was happening, inside your body, and screaming internally while projecting your super ESP powers? What do YOU recall about that moment?

Connect with what that moment was like for you — maybe you relate to one of these examples and maybe you have your own language around it. Hold on to that just for a moment. What is there to learn in that? What is there to learn about YOUR voice next time. What do you want to do about it?

Imagine that you are in a busy place, filled with people and you have a moment here and now to be noticed. What you value matters. Your purpose and fulfillment matters. Truly. This is a life that is yours and one that you can steer as you interact with the world around you. This is a life that is yours.

You open your eyes and it’s quiet. You are not scared. You are present and you are ready for this moment. In this moment, everyone is listening to you and better yet they authentically want to hear what you have to say.

Moving from the perspective of “invisible” step, jump, move into a new perspective and lets call this new perspective something like “Impact” or “Worthy” or “Genuine.”

From where I stand right now — I may not know you and yet I absolutely want to. I don’t want to extend judgement onto you and wrap more “other stuff” onto you. Where I want to be is where you turn to be heard. What I want to be is completely accepting of you and rather than judgement — I want you to peel that other stuff off and I want to bear witness to you. And what’s more, where I stand is with an open heart where warmth and love awaits.

You are not invisible.

What do YOU want to say?