Would You, Lie to You?

Do You “Default” into Known Comfort Zones?

So let’s say you are creating your own path out there. You’ve taken a few steps out beyond the pale. Notice that you’ve taken something with you. Around your waist you’ve tied your safety rope so that you can pull yourself – or be pulled back inside the pale by your community and what’s familiar. What’s that like?

Where did I get lost?

“Where did I get lost? How did I become so very invisible?” Maybe there were moments in your life when you noticed layers of “other people’s stuff” being wrapped around you. Maybe right now, you are “being” what or who you were told to be. What happened to what you value and where did YOU go?

Are You Exhausted?

You step out and you leave what was — behind you — and you are falling… this isn’t a fall from a curb. It’s a fall from more than 30,000 feet in the atmosphere. The stuff that elite HALO skydivers are known for. The pressure of the fast moving air makes it hard to breathe. Your consciousness tightens up and you get focused.

A Co-Active Law Enforcement Program

This is a resource where LEOs have the opportunity to experience and develop true leadership through experiential learning and reconnect with their own clarity, purpose and fulfillment in their important roles in the communities they serve.

At the Core

A funny thing happened on my way to the ranch. Something that I did not expect. A path that felt like I was circling around something I had long been disconnected from and almost did not recognize.

Dimensions: Energy Moves, Results Happen

When you and your team are working in alignment – productivity results skyrocket. We all know that. In corporate cultures where productivity is about increasingly faster cycles of failure, learning and recovery, when we bring in and keep our humanity in the equation organizations and the people within them do too.

Dimensions: Alignment

First develop your “YOU,” as the decision maker or leader — learn which parts of your self serve you and deal with those parts that don’t.