Presence as a Coaching Tool Coacharya Coaching Colloquium

Recently I was asked if I’d like to participate in webinar as a panel member where professional Coaches discuss the skill of “Presence” and the impact it has on their coaching. If you’re curious about it, check it out below!

Your Brand Experience is Impacted by Compassion, Empathy, Truthfulness

Here’s what I learned when I looked at this further….There’s immediate disconnection from your audience — the person you are seeking to engage in conversation with or initiate a client/customer relationship with — even if your eye contact and body language is good.

Dimensions: Rediscover You

It’s part of our humanity — our human condition — that we have internalized conversations that play roles in our decision making process. Learning to think and express yourself with dimension opens up creativity and opportunity for alignment with others.

Your website, social media, and online marketing meet the digital pavement in brand coaching

Begin with a strong footing and then look at how you are using all of your marketing tools — evaluate if they represent you.