I guess I am an emotional eater!

We were busily working hard during one of our training classes with CTI, when we broke for lunch. I was sitting with a classmate and we decided to split a sandwich for lunch. I realized afterward, that I didn’t need to eat any more than I had. I felt satisfied and not panicked about eating more. This was a bit out of my normal comfort zone. I have had a history of eating, and then eating more.

The conclusion I came to was quite simple and at the same time profound. I know the concept of “stuffing your feelings” through food… looking for satisfaction and looking for comfort through eating. I didn’t truly connect that I had been doing this to myself. It’s interesting to me because I’ve recognized it many times in others, but had not understood it, until I experienced NOT doing it. It had been years since I had felt this comfortable after eating.

I think back to my eating habits from years ago and I remember several of the influences that affected changing how I ate. Now that I recognize the moments that created this change in me, I can take those influences and hold them aside in the moments where I recognize them. If I think of them as “saboteur voices”  I can even “address” them directly and ask, “What’s useful to me in this moment?” The trick for me was that these voices were incidious and sneaky and I hadn’t “heard” them. Now I know that they are there, they can’t hide from me!

Most importantly, I now realize that when this happens it’s likely because I am not honoring my own values. When I honor my values and my life purpose, I don’t need to seek fulfillment from outside influences or through stuffing my feelings.

This is powerful for me and it’s just one example of the life-changing affect that Co-Active coaching has provided me. So here’s my question for you. What ways does not honoring your values show up for you in your personal life? What about in your career or working with your team?