Noticing Them

The Dimensional View of Our Selves©
Part 2 of 4

Expand what you can see outside of your self.

Be with someone else.

Do you find yourself disconnected from the teams you are working with? Are your efforts to reconnect not working? There are a few places to look toward building bridges and building authentic alignment.

Lets take this to a bigger place. Imagine that you are building a new foundation. You’ve made the space for this new foundation and everything is ready for you to begin building. You are now ready to go. You have your bricks and you have your mortar. Lets say that the mortar represents your values and that the bricks are different parts of you. Does this metaphor work for you?

Maybe that’s too close to the idea of building walls. So, lets try something else. How about this…

Let’s imagine that you are on a beautiful beach. It doesn’t matter where because this is your beach and you are here for your purposes. Actually – wherever you imagine a peaceful space for yourself, connect with what you imagine this space to be and begin to describe it.

This really works powerfully. Our goal is to slow you down, to recognize and name your values and to reconnect with the Dimensions of You.©

If not the foundation building, if not the beach, where is your most powerfully connected place in your world? On your bicycle in the Adirondacks? In a canoe? In the meditation garden? Sunrise in the desert?

Wherever you imagine a peaceful space for yourself, connect with what’s there around you and together we’ll do the work of naming and reconnecting you to your values.

We need to slow down together to reconnect you with what you value and begin introduce you to the different Dimensions of You. This is the foundational work toward recognizing when others are showing up authentically and learning what to do about it. This is where your Coach stands with you and provides an anchor as you explore this.

We reconnect you with your Inner Leader and invite, encourage and open up the opportunity for that part of you to step forward toward making conscious choices.

Recognize this in yourself and then look up.

Who are your team members seeking to engage in you? Your Leader or someone else?

Who are YOU talking with?

Mouse over the numbers in the illustration below for some potential examples.
The Dimensional View of Our Selves© - Daniel N. Weil

Perfect Manager


Nervous One


Good Soldier



Leave judgement out of this conversation. It’s not useful here. Begin to see that you really do have access to different dimensions of yourself.

What happens when you notice more?