Dan Weil, CPCC

I invite you to watch this entire video and to get curious. What do you notice?

What does learning and experiencing what “compassion” is, teach us?

Is it your story right now,
that is so very heavy?

You step out and you leave what was — behind you — and you are falling… this isn’t a fall from a curb. It’s a fall from more than 30,000 feet in the atmosphere. The stuff that elite HALO skydivers are known for. The pressure of the fast moving air makes it hard to breathe. Small movements affect what direction you go and how your body is oriented to the earth. You take in the view and you quickly realize that you need to get yourself present. Your consciousness tightens up and you get focused. You trust and you also hope for your parachute.

Hang Time

And now you are hanging there, falling and falling and falling…. in fact, your on such a long free fall you begin to wonder just how far this fall is.

And if you are most fortunate, you know that your parachute is there for you. In this video featuring Brian Justin Crum he leans into the sureness that his mother provides him. I can relate to Brian’s story because it touches something very deep in me and recalls some very similar experiences I had. In a fleeting moment my mother once said, “Remember, I love you, ” and I believed her.

You may find something of yours in this clip. It might inspire or move you.

I notice such intense courage, bravery, honor and integrity. I notice intense power and compassion. What do you notice about Brian’s story? What can you “hang with” or not?

I notice much more in here too and for the moment I want to keep those bits close to me so that I can offer you even more space to be curious and discover what you notice.

How Will YOU Land

You have now jumped. You are now in a free fall toward the ground. As you fall, you begin to imagine what it will be like once you’ve landed. You can see it and you can envision it. What will it be like when you land? What’s that contact with the ground like?

What will you notice in the moment that you land AND you walk onward, electrified?