A Co-Active®
Law Enforcement Program

This is a resource where LEOs have the opportunity to experience and develop true leadership through experiential learning and reconnect with their own clarity, purpose and fulfillment in the important roles they serve in their communities.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC). My focus is being in service of others and in law enforcement I lean toward Professional, Leadership & Private Development.

I recently asked a friend and Law Enforcement Officer, “What kind of support is available to you?” We were at lunch and talking about how the environment around police work has changed… How officers are faced with an increasing intensity and scrutiny in every way that they perform their jobs. I did not like the answer, “We have some services available and I don’t feel like I can take advantage of them because if I ask for help, I may loose my badge and my gun.”

This made no sense to me. Wouldn’t we want to encourage people in high-stress jobs to learn life-changing skills to actively face emotion and grow their emotional intelligence in a safe way that is backed up by neuroscience?

And what of the person is being left behind? Is our job our whole identity?

As a LEO, you are expected to protect and serve — to defend the law with honor and integrity — putting your own lives on the line with every shift and every mission… All the while being watched through a distorted lens that sometimes is motivated by who is looking through it and not necessarily what the reality is. Where are you in this process?

The challenges and fears of the job for LEOs, their friends and family members are personal and very real. Most people will not understand what the experience of the job is like, even as they offer more stress and less support. LEOs find other coping mechanisms and not all of them are healthy.

I asked how this friend was doing. I became curious about what what might be possible. I wanted to know where the cop stopped… and where the person begins. Underneath the shining armor, behind the badge, behind the thin blue line… Who is the person in there? What are YOUR values?

The work of Law Enforcement has resonated with me since I was a kid and I believe that these professionals are to be honored and held up. Have our communities forgotten how to be in integrity too?

Professional & Private Development
Leadership & Coaching Program for LEOs

Learn more on my website here. I’ve developed a program specifically for LEOs with two major components. The first is a workshop leadership program. The second is continuing support beyond the program itself. This takes the form of one-to-one, private coaching.

Both of these can work independently of each other; the workshop launches participants forward and opens up new possibilities. Private coaching deepens and extends the learning in a way that helps all of the work of this stick for you.

Every program has a core foundation and is highly customized toward what will work for you.

Peace, Wisdom, Courage, Honor, Integrity, Service

What is the cost to the you, when you are not connected to your values & honoring your personal mission?

For each person the benefits are different. What will a courageous look inside yourself bring to you? Are you where you want to be?

I invite you in to connect and to talk, to find out what we can co-create for you and your organization.