Dan Weil, CPCC

Rediscover You

The Dimensional View of Our Selves©
Part 1 of 4

Engaging the person and the Leader that you are begins within you.

It’s part of our humanity — our human condition — that we have internalized conversations that play roles in our decision making process. Learning to think and express yourself with dimension opens up creativity and opportunity for alignment with others.

It begins with you. Stand in the center. Ask yourself, “What do I want in my life right now?”

What’s the answer?

Which part of you do you need to bring forward to support your effort and which part of you do you need to move aside — to get out of the way?

Each of us are energetic, multi-dimensional beings and we often compress understanding of how we view ourselves into flattened 2 dimensional thinking. It’s far more simple to deal with the voice that is safe and that we are familiar with. It might even feel strong or it might feel stuck in a story that lives in the past somewhere. What is really happening? Who is making the choices you have? Who is engaging in the conversations you are having internally AND externally?

The Dimensional View of Our Selves© - Daniel N. Weil

What do you need access to, to unpack your 2D way of being to gain access to all the dimensions of you?

There are many ways to access this. You do have the opportunity to unlock and unpack more of you so that you can enjoy a more fully engaged and whole life.

We begin by grounding you in the moment — in the present. We ask the simple question, “What do you want in your life right now?” Next, we listen for the answer.

We listen and we begin to slow down and connect you to awareness of your self. We take the moment to expose you as human. We unpack and discover what values you have — the values and purpose that are yours — and connect you to your own conscious choice.

Are you aware of the different parts of yourself and what they are playing at?

Engaging the person and the Leader that you are begins within you.