Dan Weil, CPCC

Brand Impact

Your Brand Experience is Impacted by Compassion, Empathy and Truthfulness

A Personal Ranting Story and an Invitation To Learn

What do you notice when you hear “script” language or tone as you interact with other brands? What do you notice about your reaction in the moment when you experience them?

Recently, my very human self showed up when our very clear sign on the front door was ignored. “NO SOLICITING,” it reads and it goes on with a little bit of further clarification. Big black letters on a field of white. Smack on the center of the door, eye-level.

Here’s what I noticed about how I reacted to the door knock that created a disturbance here. It’s actually a great useful metaphor and potentially a learning point IF both the latest offender and maybe even others slow down enough to pay attention.

That ignored sign and that door knock trigger several negative emotional reactions and disruptions. Our dogs are triggered into a cacophony of barking, frantic claws on tile, and shedding fur goes flying. Additionally annoying because our Roomba had just completed its task of cleaning all that up!

Here’s what else is happening at that moment. My husband is recovering from foot surgery; he needs rest and cannot effectively respond. I am working with clients and on my own business development. The disruption is not good for patients or for work. What if we worked a swing shift and we needed these hours to sleep?

Here’s what I learned when I looked at this further. Ignoring the request by a potential customer and in the moment utilizing scripted language like, “We are offering 50% off and we only have a couple of spots left,” well it smacks of disrespect and frankly, lies. It loudly communicates, “This is about our needs, not yours. And pay us.” There’s immediate disconnection from your audience — the person you are seeking to engage in conversation with or initiate a client/customer relationship with — even if your eye contact and body language is good.

What do you notice about that?

Maybe the learning here is around questions like; what does authenticity look like? what is connection with a potential client like? what is success? and several others.

Here’s what we are doing. First, we will not engage this particular company or other companies that take this same approach and apparently use the same sales training manual. I’m sharing this experience quite explicitly online on their website and backing it up with a written note to the company that says the same thing.

Sure, I’m in a mood AND I’m leaning in to some very nice co-active tools that I have within me. My sincere hope is that there is slowing down, learning, and a shift.

The shift here is the opportunity for companies to teach their organizations how to connect with something we hear about all the time. The terms are used a lot, “authenticity, presence, connection…”

Here’s something else to consider. Your potential clients are quite smart and capable. Taking advantage by using predatory approaches is nothing more than a numbers game. It won’t be sustainable long-term, the costs are higher, and it limits your organization’s ability to grow.

You know that old-time expression, “Slow down and smell the roses?” Well, yes… do that. AND ask what your potential client notices about the roses. Do they even like roses? Or maybe they prefer the smell of Sweet Peas or Night-Blooming Jasmine. What do your potential clients notice and what’s important to them?

Pause. Learn things. Disrupt what you already have been doing and get yourself present and engaged with the person you are in conversation with. And actually mean it.

Shift the honest focus from, “we need to make sales” to “how can we be of service to you?” Of course there’s more. Your potential clients are smart and capable.

Yes, I said it again. Here’s what else. Intuitively we all can recognize when our values are being trodden over and ignored. It’s true on the phone or through a knock on the door. Every touch point and experience of your brand has impact. Intuitively, your potential target recognizes what your intention is and if your body language, eye contact and how you show up is in alignment with what is really going on underneath. Think about that for a moment. That’s powerful.

What would the impact be if your representatives had the ability to be truly present, to be truthful, to transparently shift the focus from themselves to the client? What would the impact be on your sales when others are respected and their values honored?

What would it be like to up the game even more and learn what it is to experience… to be.. and to share compassion, empathy and truth…. EVEN in a seemingly simple interaction like a knock on the door?

And another thing… here’s what I really want to say, “Get real!”

What do you hear now?