Most of us run headlong into our task-oriented, work-filled days… and that’s it. Our days are filled with honoring somebody else’s measure of accomplishment. Have you taken the time to stop and ask yourself where YOUR values are? What are they?

Identifying what you value and exploring them deeper may actually lead you to more of them. Stitching what you value in with your “life purpose” can begin to shape the choices you make moving forward.

Just being aware of what a value is for you, begins to shift change within you AND there are different kinds of values that we all have. What’s important to you at your core? Which of these are you honoring in your life and how do you reconnect with your core values when you’ve strayed away from respecting them?

In the Co-Active Coaching relationship, you have the opportunity to have a “judgement-free zone,” where you can explore what matters to you.

Here’s a part of what makes this powerful. It’s just the beginning and you don’t need to be alone when you are going through this. Even between Co-Active coaching sessions you are not alone.  You have your coach! Between sessions, your brain is stitching some new positive ideas together…. some of the most profound moments happen BETWEEN coaching sessions. Go figure!

Let’s say you’re busy working at getting some specific goals done. You find yourself frustrated because you’re not hitting the entire list, or maybe you’re not doing it “perfectly,” or maybe you are doing it perfectly but you’re left feeling empty about it. What do you do with this AND what’s the important part of where you find yourself in that moment?

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