The overview of how Co-Active coaching works, can be viewed in several ways.

It begins with a complimentary discussion, where we quickly figure out where you are as a client and where I am as a potential coach and if it’s not me, what else might be available for you through my network. Will the partnership work well to service you? This part is not paid for and is typically not longer than thirty minutes.

Discovery process is two hours of work and a few things happen during this process. The first, is that the engagement agreements are signed and the financial commitments are agreed to. Once the administration is done, we begin work for the Discovery phase. Overlapping this, the Co-Active coaching begins.

After Discovery, the Co-Active process continues for a period of 3 months, meeting twice a month. At the end of the three-month period, the coaching agreement is assessed and we either continue onward, pause the relationship, or stop it.

From an outside perspective, we immediately begin to see differences in what is possible and forward momentum begins.

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