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What is professional coaching?

Coaching is a non-biased partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires maximizing their personal and professional potential. The client is the expert in their life. The coach will help create an environment that will:

  • Discover and clarify what the client wants to achieve
  • Focus on client generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

What is "development"?

Development is another way of saying growth and actual forward momentum.

What’s the difference between therapy, coaching and consulting?

“Coaching” is not therapy. It might feel therapeutic in some ways however, it is not therapy. This graph helps to explain the difference between therapy, coaching and consulting.

How to determine if coaching right for you?

The first step in this is to consider what benefits you will want from coaching. In other words what are your expectations. When there is clarity about the desired outcome, the coaching partnership can be a useful tool to develop a strategy on how to achieve that outcome. The question to consider in determining objectives is whether collaboration and new perspectives will be useful.

What brings a person to coaching?

An individual or team choose to work with a coach for many reasons, some of which may be:

  • Achieving a stretch goal
  • Overcoming a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
  • Accelerating results
  • Dealing with success
  • Leveraging core strengths
  • Creating a positive change within a team or group

What does coaching ask of an individual?

Coaching usually will start by identifying intention and then clients with a willingness to:

  • Focus on hard truths and tough questions
  • Observe the communication and behaviors of others
  • Leverage personal strengths to overcome limitations
  • Not take one’s self so seriously, using humor and lightness to brighten any situation
  • Work hard between each coaching engagement
  • Quench their thirst for positive change

What can coaching do for me?

Many clients that I work with are hungry for change, willing to work to see that change occur and are focused on becoming the best version of themselves. That change may be in the form of taking on new responsibility, increasing effectiveness or growing within a team. Some of the questions that have brought them to coaching are:

  • What are the roadblocks to my personal success?
  • What are changes do I want to embrace in the next 3 months and then in the next 3 years?
  • When I am truly honest with myself, what do I really want?
  • What is possible for me with full accountability and a coach that see’s my true potential?
  • What is stopping me from becoming the best version of who I am?

If these are the questions that resonate with you, consider reaching out to take a closer look.

Within the partnership, what does the coach do? The individual?

The Coach:

  • Provides object assessment and observations
  • Attentive listening for complete understanding
  • Champions opportunities and potential
  • Challenges blind spots to illuminate new opportunities


  • Creates the coaching agenda based on goals and expectations
  • Uses assessment and observations to enhance self-awareness
  • Envisions success
  • Assumes full responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Engages big picture thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to forward the action in the interest of deepening their own learning

Is this work real or magical thinking?

Science, specifically neuroscience studies, prove the direct impact that Co-Active work and coaching or “development” work has on the brain. It “sticks” when learned, practiced, and in accountability with certified Coach.



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The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching: Why the Tools and Techniques of Leadership Coaching Work


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How do I get started?

An effective coaching relationship for the client starts with good chemistry between the client and coach. To that end we offer the first session at no charge or further obligation. When you want to consider coaching, use the contact form or schedule your introductory session.

How does it happen?

How it happens is typically over the phone, over the Internet via a secured video conference, or in person. We design how this happens together for each person.