What’s the difference?

Therapy, Coaching, Consulting.


Therapy can be beneficial. In an over-simplified explanation — therapy is a healing approach and may be appropriate when the same issues repeatedly appear in someone’s life. Therapy looks into the past and works from there to bring healing. Therapy seeks to make a person whole from past experiences.


Coaching looks at what is present with you today — in the very moment where the coaching happens. The Co-Active® Model of coaching holds that everyone is Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole® — that there’s nothing to “fix.” We believe that within everyone exists everything needed to shift energy, move forward, and create what is next for themselves. The Coach and Client, whoever they may be and at whatever level of life, professional success, or transition, co-create through a thoughtful, mindful approach where personal growth is a focus. The ideas for what’s next to come are from the client. There is awareness, accountability, and very much more. Coaching is not therapy or consulting.


In the consulting approach, the ideas are developed by the consultant and presented as options to the client. This approach is focused on solutions and problem-solving for a project or issue. There is no focus here on the client’s personal growth.

Working with a certified coach or a coach in a certification program, who is also a member of the ICF, is essential to ensure that clients work with someone with professional and ethical standards, and it’s important to know that the coach is working from a trusted coaching model and structure.
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