Breathe. For real now…

Right now, it can seem super hard to breathe. Claustrophobic even. The news is heavy. Opinions are heavy. Different perspectives can be confusing and even disorienting. They can feel heavier than those lead vests that x-ray techs use to protect you from those nasty rays. More like being entombed in thick gelatin with barely a nostril peaking out for air. Or maybe it’s more like being shoved inside a small chest without any contortionist training or certification.

My suggestions: watch uplifting movies, listen to music that empowers or inspires you, open the door and go outside for a walk and breathe, get productive. As I write this I’m obviously speaking a bit to myself too. I have a paper shredder plugged in, ready to go, and pa-lenty to feed it’s hungry metal criss-crossy teeth. There are also our two lovely dogs who will be insisting on their time too.

If you are ready to get out of the muck-ity muck, acknowledge that you know what the negative feelings are like. You recognize the anger, the frustration… what else do you recognize? Anything unfamiliar? What is it? Do you need to explore this more or do you get it?

So, turn it off..the news, the social media, the devices.

Second step, tune-in to what’s immediately around you.

Connect to the love that is there with you and also within you.

Take a step forward.

Bring your love with you.

Open the door go outside. Or open the door in your mind and step through.

Breathe fresh air. Breathe from deep inside. Breathe the sparkling goodness and tap into the warmth and love that is inside you.

Reach high with your arms. Open your heart.

Step away from the bleakness that is not yours.

Take a step forward.

What do you see in front of you?

Too much? Too “corny?” Maybe you need to be where you are for a while longer or are you willing to be open to what’s next for you?