Sometimes…. you can see a person’s heart right there in front of you. While they may not actually be standing there with their arms wide and their chest forward…. they are. You know what this is because you’ve seen it or experienced it for yourself. Sometimes, if you are incredibly blessed you might see the moment when it happens…when they step forward, shedding what hides this normally.  When this happens and someone looks you right in the eyes and they connect with you… you feel it deeply.

What do you do? Do you open your heart to them? Do you create something new and powerful in this moment? I’m curious about this for all the people I encounter in life. Today, in this moment do you choose to connect with the open and vulnerable person in front of you?

Taking a few moments to connect and then finding out what’s going on for both of you can lead you forward toward creative and fulfilling accomplishment. Becoming skilled in connection and relationship is a far more productive path for professionals and in personal relationships than putting up shields, offering diversions, or escaping into electronics.

Discover what you can create when you are actually connected with someone. Be equal to each other and hold the relationship as sacred. Leave the judgements that limit you behind and have fun with your curiosity. Creating something fun and amazing? What’s next?

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