Wait for the book for the details, or connect with me if you want to know more about what I can give you a taste of here.

I came to Co-Active coaching along a bit of a circuitous route. In some ways it seems that way. I’ve been honored to know Co-Active coaches for years, before I found that the approach resonated with where I was aligned personally and with work.

The Career Road-ish, 20 Plus Years In Seconds:

Way back, when I was just 14, I was introduced to Transactional Analysis at school. Even back then, it made some sense to me. In college I was interested in becoming a psychology major but graphic design was the direction I went. In college, I took an intro to psych class and loved it. Roll camera and speed the film up quickly and you’ll see me working as an intern at a national magazine, as a marketing coordinator at a manufacturing company, as a group coordinator in the interactive division of an international advertising agency, as a designer and creative lead at an interactive agency, a Creative Director at a boutique marketing agency and as an independent web developer for more than 14 years.

All of this experience ran the gamut of business categories from individuals through to Fortune 500 companies — profit and non-profit organizations, creative open people and closed left-brain thinkers alike. The teams I was on developed branding, created new businesses and online shopping models, worked on developing advertising and marketing materials against client’s objectives… the times were creative, hectic, and a bit mad-dish.

There was a short period where I was collecting some totally odd and random experiences (translate to, “Oy! Have I got a couple of stories!”)… There was that period of time when working on a dog food account’s PowerPoint documents were almost the sum of my work life… And there was that one client in Austin that took us out on the town – great food, great music, and a quick stop in a “shower bar” where bikini-clad male dancers were taking showers behind the bar.

I am forever grateful for the invaluable learning experiences and friendships that I still feel very connected to. The experiences have left me able to think in a linear fashion, or in a more flexible creative way when needed.

This is about the time that my “About” page takes over the story.

Here’s one important thing I learned. No matter what the business, listen carefully and communicate clearly. You don’t need to be the loudest. Make your words count and then be willing to leave them on the floor and move on. There’s a new moment happening right now and next. Take what’s useful, move forward AND ALWAYS take a moment to breathe and notice what IS possible. Get clear. Move forward.

“When we are clear and committed, we don’t stand blindly or senselessly.”
– Karen Kimsey-House

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