It’s past time for us to stand with law enforcement and not against them. We can do more for our families, more for our communities, more for our nation when we stand WITH law enforcement and engage the conversation together. How we got here with Law Enforcement is incredibly complex. It will take all of us standing WITH law enforcement to make it better.

Language matters. Our use of it has impact. Don’t short-cut conversations. Say ALL of what you intend. MOST police are heroes. Few police are not. I strongly encourage and invite all of us, that when you are talking about “Cops,” please be careful with your use of language. In an age where culture and language has been shortcut by the integration of acronyms and hashtags it does us no service to generalize complex issues — including where police shootings are involved. It is not simple. It is not one issue. It is not one perspective.

To me, what matters is that we stand together. That we lean into our hearts and into love. That we get more comfortable using the word “love” than we are using the word “hate.” To me what matters is that we support and integrate the PEOPLE of law enforcement into our communities — where they too live, serve, love, and have the right to their human citizenship.

It takes a village. Yours and mine. Our communities need us. Wherever you live. Lean into your heart and love. Take a moment and stand with the members of your community who are law enforcement. They need us. Stand next to them. Treat them with respect and honor and love. Ask permission to engage them in a conversation — even if your intent is to say, “Thank you for a great job and for the sacrifices you make every day. I appreciate you.”

Language matters and has impact. Love matters and has impact.

To the Law Enforcement members of our community I say, “Thank you for a great job and for the sacrifices you make every day. I appreciate you.”