If you are in the role of Leadership, does that necessarily mean that you are actually in a Leadership relationship with the people that you live and work with?

Truly successful leadership comes from understanding and recognizing the different parts of your self that guide and direct your behavior, how you manage them, and which parts of you lead or direct both your “internal team” and the teams you manage. Can you recognize and manage who is showing up with your team members?

It’s not “crazy talk.” Our brains, our personalities and our behavior are all very complex. We all have these sub-personalities that shape how we “show up” in our daily lives. The truly great news is that we also have much better understanding about this and the tools to manage them. Even better, spending time here is energizing and brings much fulfillment — supporting a life well experienced.

If you are a bit muddled, a bit unsure, seem scattered or cannot commit to a strategy or plan consistently — how does that work for your team? Do the people you work with know that there is a plan or a project that they can truly get behind or are they unsure that their time and efforts are valued?

If you communicate and relate better to people outside of your department or group, or if you are more invested in building the relationships outside of your team than with your team — is something there that needs to be looked at? What’s it about? Communication? Connection? Something else? What might you be taking for granted? Can you be open, take in what your team is saying, and then make decisions with your team? Is the agenda in play yours or is it what’s best for the work?

If you are in a position leadership, authority or enforcement is your internal team aligned so that you can communicate and take action when you need to? What keeps you in alignment, honoring your values and connected to your team that have you doing the job that you do? What would keep you on the job longer, have you showing up engaged, and still keep you energized?

If you are looking to shift, improve, grow your impact moving forward as you interact with other people, even if you’re looking to simply improve how you interact — stepping back and making the investment into Leadership Coaching and training, will get you positive returns that you may not even have anticipated.

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