Dan Weil, CPCC

Curiosity is Alive!

Being Bold with Intuition Opens Even More For the Coach and the Client

As a Coach, trusting my intuition can sometimes be quite challenging for me. What steps in the way is the internal team player or saboteur who says, “You must be THIS, now,” so loudly that it pretty much pushes the personification and the voice of my intuition aside.

“You’re supposed to be professional, smart, knowing, have the answer, or something other than intuitive,” says this saboteur with a nearly comical twirl of an evil mustache in an old black and white film.

This is not useful.

Framing this “intuition blocker” through metaphor or a personification actually helps to bring my intuition into the frame. It breaks the binds and removes the gag that holds my intuition down to the railroad tracks. Just calling this saboteur out has him “amscray” as if someone turned the projector on high-speed forward. Off he goes and he vanishes with his little legs scampering. Sneaky is his modus operandi and he doesn’t want to be seen.

This is useful.

For me, maybe it’s both trusting and bringing that “voice” forward enough so that I’ll listen to it. My intuition is very strong. I just need to trust and listen and move the blocker aside.

It’s a skill or maybe even an “E.S.P.” that that Coaches frequently lean into and it can be powerful. In order for the power of the intuition to be realized — it needs to be heard.

Here’s my newly developing process around this. First, get curious. What does listening to intuition “get” you? What do you notice when you listen? Are you listening with your ears, your mind, your eyes? Your heart? Are your senses – sensors, and are you actually using everything your sensors offer to hear your intuition? Is your skin tingling right now? Now, give it voice!

What does your intuition serve?

When intuition is brought into coaching sessions by the Coach, it’s an opportunity to create a shift. It can be a slight energy “ping” or it can be a wobble in the orbit, or it can be even larger — the shift that happens serves the coaching session. Get curious again. What’s the impact? Where’s the energy shift? What direction are we heading?

As we move forward as Coaches we learn that we are always in a place of learning, in service and discovery in different dimensions. Intuition is a part of life. A way of tuning in or opening up to what else might be available or allowing more possibilities in.

To my intuition blocker I say, “I see you now. Run.” Because what’s here now is truly powerful and comes from a heart full of love.

What happens when a blocker like this moves aside or even runs away?

For my clients I ask, “What’s important or what’s useful about your intuition and do you listen?”

Get curious and invite some more life in!