We all know that we have internal conversations with ourselves about what’s happening in the moment — and even sometimes about something entirely unrelated to what we are actually doing. We can feel restricted…as though we are physically restrained by shrink-wrap. Our breath is shallow, movement labored, creativity down to nil.

These conversations could come up when we are cleaning the house, or exercising, or at work – really at any time. When the negative conversations get in our way, we may feel constricted. Positive conversations might be affirming and help to motivate us to move forward.

You might hear something like, “I’m really ticked off that I have to be the one to clean this,” or maybe it’s a voice that resonates from the past and says, “Do it this way or you are doing it wrong.” What happens when you experience the voice that says, “You can get only this far, but not all the way to where you’d like to be, because your are not good enough.”

For each of us, unwrapping ourselves from what binds us is going to be different. Our experiences are our own. Co-Active coaching holds that each of us is creative, is resourceful and is whole. Some of what we do, is to help address what those conversations are and how to move forward with them.

I invite you to take a deep breath now. Moving forward, notice when this is happening for you. Identify the truth in what you are hearing. Be clear on what is true and what is useful for you.

Doing this work as a part of a Co-Active team, is powerful. As a Co-Active Coach, I invite you to reach out and find out how to make this happen in your life.