Presence as a Coaching Tool

Coacharya Coaching Colloquium

Recently Kelly Wendorf at EQUUS asked if I’d like to participate in webinar as a panel member where professional coaches discuss the skill of “Presence” and the impact it has on their coaching. If you’re curious about it, check it out below!

This panel discussion features five coaches who each implement their own specialized approach to coaching by integrating various unique tools and methodologies based on their respective backgrounds. They will dialogue with each other and webinar attendees about how their coaching presence facilitates breakthrough learning in their clients. We will also explore ways to enhance the coaching environment through invoking the power of our clients’ presence.

This panel is in honor of EQUUS launching a 30-hour coaching course on presence-based coaching inspired by contemplative wisdom called The Selfless Coach, with EQUUS Founder Kelly Wendorf and EQUUS Faculty Adam Ramcharan as trainers. The course starts late October, early November. CEUs will be available.