Daniel Weil, CPCC

Common Threads of Inspiration

Family and friends want to know: what is the “Endless Beginnings” Retreat?

I’ve been asked to define this by a few people. Endless Beginnings is a retreat with a focused curiosity about a woven fabric of many stories and the common threads among them.

Endless Beginnings is different and brave. It’s a compelling experience and a quest. The retreat itself is a walking stick that we use along our path, it’s a magical staff or a campfire or a singing bowl. It’s the quill of an ancient scribe — and we, we are those who walk along the path and those who seek the stories and their shared wisdom.

What we will do for you

This retreat is designed to take great care of you — giving you the opportunity to relax, luxuriate and recharge while reconnecting you with what inspires you. Enjoy comfortable hotel and our program at the EQUUS Experiential Discovery and Learning Campus. Take time to explore Santa Fe. Add on an EQUUS Experience™ after the retreat’s program to further deepen your experiential learning.

Connect with thought leaders, with the art on site, with nature and pause to breathe in this sacred place. We slow the conversation down. We look at belonging, meaning, connection, purpose, nature and science from different perspectives and we connect you with how you show up.

Where do you look for inspiration when you are tired? How do you maintain what inspires you? What would it be like to unlock your definitions? How do you know, what you know? What purpose do you have now? What fulfills you?

What We Hope You will take with you

In the fabric of cultures, what we’ve noticed are the threads in common and these are stronger than what would separate us. This is the stake in the ground. We look at these threads together.

Join us on this quest. A quest that engages all of you — from your head to your heart to where you connect with the earth. Deep into what grounds you and moves you. Hear and feel the vibration.

We hope that you leave inspired and recharged. We hope that you take with you a renewed ability to connect with what inspires you — and a renewed ability to find these common threads moving forward.

What is possible when different perspectives recognize what is shared among them? What do you notice when there’s connection and when there’s grounding? What do you notice when you mix great care of yourself, respectful connection with others, an ability to look at what’s common, and when you are in a space that invites nature in?

It’s not one story. It’s many stories.

What’s the story you would write for yourself? What does a fabric of story do to leverage your place in your reality? What would you be? What will you do, when you are inspired? What would you create?

Arrive curious. Leave inspired. Leave with a heart wide open.