Did You Know That Coaching Has Structure?

Coaches use several frameworks that support their clients in getting the most of out of their sessions and coaching relationship.

We custom design these structures with each of our clients so that it serves them best.

This is true when we work in Professional, Executive, Leadership, Team or Private Coaching.

Below are a few typical coaching structures.

Coaching Calls, Relationship & Focus

Coaching Call Structure

Coaching in person or on calls have structure. Generally sessions like the structure below are based on 30-60 minute calls, depending on what the Coach and Client have agreed to.


The Coach and Client are on equal footing and power is given to the relationship between them. The energy of the relationship is in service of the Client.


The focus of coaching is the client, not the topic. When clients are empowered toward their own solutions vs. being provided a solution, the coaching is more effective and the client’s growth develops better and sticks longer.

Timeline: Individual Coaching

Example Individual Coaching Timeline

Individual Coaching: Coaching works best over a period of time as clients practice new skills between coaching sessions. It begins with an Introductory Coaching Conversation where the Client and the Coach meet to see if they might be a good fit and want to work together. If that looks good, the Coach and Client get set for a “launch” session or “Discovery Session” where some foundational work is laid. After this, sessions are typically normalized in our schedules where we meet two times a month with some availability in-between coaching sessions. This schedule goes on for however long the Coach and Client agree to. Coaching works best when the client invests a minimum of 6 months of work.

Timeline: Organizations & Companies

Coaching in an organization: Coaching in organizations is designed with the organization’s needs in mind. It might begin with an introductory workshop and then move toward individual coaching. Webinars and smaller group or team development might also be designed. Executives and Team Leaders get leadership development specifically designed for them.

Example Organization Coaching Timeline

Meta View of the Process & Path

These graphics help describe a linear path of a meta view of the coaching process. Sometimes we move forward cleanly on straight line. Typically, we don’t because we are bringing our whole human selves into the process.

Coaching Process Path