We all have influences in our lives that make up our “rules” of behavior, of conversation, and how we live our lives. Leadership begins with a deep exploration of what’s going on within yourself. I’m not talking about therapy, I’m talking about coaching what’s present for you now. What are the conversations that are happening in your head? Who makes or influences your decisions?

Become a leader of yourself first, then you can become a leader of others. Recognizing, naming, and yes — even engaging in conversation with the parts of yourself that pop-up for you — are the places to begin looking when becoming a leader of yourself. Look deeper into these parts of yourself, understand where they are from, and begin to recognize whose communicating around you and with you.

I find this work very exciting! It’s an amazing feeling to have a true “ah-ha!” or that moment of clarity when you understand what’s going on, and to feel your limitations just drop away.

What becomes available to you with this level of clarity is self-awareness and forward action. You move forward knowing that you are the most of yourself and the decisions you make are coming from an “authentic” you. A place where, succeed or fail, you’re comfortable that  decisions are not made by a voice or judgement from your past, but rather from being sure of yourself — because you’ve taken the time to listen.