Sherwood H. Weil, MAHL

I retired from the active workforce eight years ago and immediately transitioned to a kinetic lifestyle whose energy output far exceeding anything I’d done before. I became the “go to” guy for complaints my adult children entertained about their offspring. My wife and I traveled and experienced really nice moments in beautiful places. I was always on the go. Then, I wasn’t. I donated nearly three years to serve as a science experiment for some excellent physicians and surgeons who didn’t need the practice but were happy to apply their skills toward improving my welfare. This wasn’t always pleasant but, most importantly, I had to slow way down.

I read and reread many books and articles. Then, I was able to reawaken a part of my psyche which I had left behind in the mid 1990’s. I made sure that I was open and available to my family members. I listened to their joys and sorrows. I shared some of my own with them. And again I recognized that there is true and profound meaning to Life, Existence, Being. And again I reconnected with the thread of inspiration we humans are privileged to have discovered and preserved through many thousands of years.

Beginning as spoken traditions great literature lives many lifetimes. For some, the ancient tales preserve sacred meaning. They also serve as a means of defining reality, underpinning human society and its power structures or serving as storehouses of that inspired insight which drives us forward and compels us to rediscover the universe in each generation. So it is with ancient Hebrew Language Literature. It will be my privilege and my joy to set ancient inspiration next to the newest revelations of astrophysics and to share the “wow” with you.

Sherwood received the Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters in 1972 from Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati Ohio.