Robin is a connection and process specialist. She develops and leads human-centred processes that create courageous, integral, whole-hearted results. She believes deeply in empowering uniqueness so that people aren’t living in fear but feel alive and hopeful, and powerfully lead, create, and grow in their careers and lives.

Within corporations, Robin implements effective processes that move from problem definition to innovative solutions. As a result, teams and organizations gain momentum, cohesion and performance. Robin has completed dozens of projects where her systems thinking has enabled unconventional processes that lead to capacity and culture building, engaged employees, relationship and partnership building.

Robin is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and trained in the Co-Active model of coaching. Positive Psychology provides Robin with frameworks and activities that are science-based to help her clients thrive. She is also a Registered Professional Planner, with much experience applying deep democracy, appreciative inquiry, and conflict resolution techniques in her group facilitation.