Dan Weil, CPCC


I am doing this work now because there is nothing that resonates with me more than witnessing the impact clients create in their lives — as they disrupt their barriers, innovate past their “pain points” and create joy and success in their lives.

I was in a meeting with a Board of Directors of a small international organization. We were there to discuss the launch of their newly completed website. In the first few minutes of that meeting, one person leaned over and genuinely asked me: “So, what is it that we actually do?” A few people around the table repeated: “We trust each other.” We needed some clarity around these issues. Questions like, “Who are we?” came forward fast. What do they do? Do they really trust each other? Are they stuck trying to figure out what alignment is?

During that meeting it became clear to me that much of what I have been doing for the past two decades involved facilitating, some form of coaching, and enabling people to move forward both personally and professionally.

Take the partnership that develops between coach and client — then deepen it. What develops is a powerful partnership or team with communication skills, with actionable steps — while always incorporating and engaging their humanity. What’s created is a disrupting, innovative shift in clients that move ideas or fantasies bouncing about within them to a reality clients create for themselves.

I lean into my blend of coaching and consulting experience and my own humanity as I offer Co-Active® coaching for individuals, for leaders and executives, and for teams. This work resonates from my unique experiences, perspectives, curiosity and open heart. The impact and focus of the work is with the client. All of this is what I offer to you and my clients in support of shaping what you want to create next for you.

Before coaching, from about 1991 onward, I worked in different roles as an employee and as an outside vendor working with decision-makers and executives across the board. My resume includes a list of individuals, direct mail design companies, ad agencies,  boutique web development companies and start-up tech companies. The extensive list of client experience over several sectors represents work with individuals, small businesses and even top fortune listed companies.

The Coach of me asking wants to ask you, “What do YOU want to do?” or “Are you where you want to be?”

This is the short story of how I got here and I’m very curious about what you are up to.

Coach Training

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Certification and the ICF Code of Ethics

Certification standards, such as a the ACC, PCC, MCC certification are managed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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