Dan Weil, CPCC

A View and a Path

Standing at the kitchen sink early this morning, I twiddled the blind open and looked outside. I noticed how inside I was in that moment and how just beyond there was outside. I paused before beginning to wash a few dishes. I settled my stance more firmly onto the floor. Quickly I took a moment to notice more. What did this shift in my stance feel like? Was my head looking downward or up and outward? Was I consciously, now practicing, “presencing?”

I stopped what I was doing in the sink just for a moment and I adjusted my whole stance so that I was now looking outward through the window. The word “nature” came forward and I thought of outside air, temperature, and the morning sounds of the awakening neighborhood. I noticed the morning light outside. What could I see now, now that I was looking outward?

My breath changed. My breath slowed immediately and a further calmness settled in. “Nature” came in again. Differently though. “Connection with nature” is what was coming through now. I thought about how it is important to me to feel a connection with nature. I was washing the dishes again now. I was really focused on what was to come next. What was driving or motivating me was a way of starting my day. A way of honoring one of my core values, connection with nature. Breathing outside air. Feeling the morning sun warming and awakening with the day while small little birds excitedly greet each other with what sounds to me like joy.

Finished with the dishes, I put my coat and shoes on, stepped over the threshold, and I went for a walk in the morning air. Outside.