Step 1: Download Worksheets

Step 2: Make space to thoughtfully follow the directions and answer the questions.

Step 3: Save your sheets for use later and utilize your completed Brand Profile in your business.

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The Branding Profile Worksheets

Get started on your own. Download these worksheets, take some time to get present and answer some core questions about your brand. Finish up your brand brief for use in your business.


Bringing your clear brand profile into your conscious brain greatly improves:

  • Your self-mastery in leadership
  • Builds your confidence
  • Clarifies your vision
  • Supports a positive mindset toward what’s possible

Use your Branding Profile:

  • In your marketing plan
  • To train existing or new team members
  • To communicate to designers and marketers
  • To keep your business and marketing plans on track
  • To evaluate your progress or any shifts over time
  • Discover how it’s useful for your business